Cutting Chords and Treating Myself with Kindness

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Even though my work has everything to do with taking care of others, sometimes I can forget to take care of myself.  When I do that, I am sending a message out to the Universe that my Self Love is not as high as it could be…

What is taking care of myself?  For me, putting my Spiritual Practice first is non sets the stage for everything else in my life that connects me to Source Energy and my Purpose in Life.  Meditation, Prayer, Facial Reflexology, Crystals..they all allow me to connect in a very mindful way.  That is why my Self Care has to be Spiritual..and linked to the Divine.  All the services that we offer here at Botanical Rituals are like that, from our Holistic Facials to our Crystal Healing..nurturing our body and spirit.

However, taking care of myself is also about setting boundaries, asserting my needs and treating myself with kindness.  That includes Cutting Chords.  Letting go of people that are no longer aligned with my  Purpose.  Letting go of friends or relationships that are abusive or holding me back from reaching my true potential.

I love doing  Chord Cutting Ceremonies with Crystals.  I have a beautiful and healing  Selenite sword that I like to use often.  It is a cleansing and liberating Ritual that has helped me let go in a kind and loving way.  Sending love to my teachers and mirrors whilst letting go, and opening the doors to new and magical beginnings.  Sometimes I use Black Obsidian..especially if there is a deep codependency issue.

During these sessions I can feel the chords of Energy breaking up..liberating me (or others, like when I do this for people coming to see me for this service) so I can step into my Power.  Learning to let go from a place of liberating.  Allows me time and again to move into my Truth.  I am a work in progress and I love learning each day more about myself, embracing each challenge as an opportunity, and every disappointment as a precious lesson.