Sunday, October 13, 2019

I have found that I make the best decisions when I follow my Intuition.  Those decisions are always correct.  Why?  Because my Intuition will always give me the right answer   The one that is in tune with my Highest Purpose, and will ultimately guide me to the most rewarding outcomes.

Tuning into our Intuive place will allow any of us to make right choices..from mundane questions such as what road should I take today, or what food should I eat?   To really big ones..such as, should I move to another city?  Your intuition will guide you to anything and everything..and the more we develop that muscle, the more authentic our choices will be..the more divinely guided we will become.  We are divine our lives.  Tuning into our Intuition is part of tuning into our Divine nature.  And that feels amazing.  When you realize the power, the inherent wisdom, and the sacred guidance you possess.  Its a powerful thing.

When we are making decisions, our brains are normally in a Beta State..a heightened state of alertness which is usually coming from a place of FEAR.  When we make fear based choices..we are not doing ourselves a favor..we are actually coming from a place of weakness.  Not truly integrating our strength, authenticity, and divinity.  And never being certain if we have made the correct choice..always second guessing ourselves.

However, when we make a decision out of our Intutive center..we have peace.  We know that it Feels Right.  Whenever I listen to my intuition I always make the best decisions.  I use it for develop a new offering, to study a new decide what to post or write about..when I go into that space I am in the flow..knowing that I possess all the answers inside of me.  And when I make decisions from a heightened state of anxiety or fear..they are usually wrong.

It is possible to develop and train our intuition, and this is part of the work that I do as a spiritual guide and priestess. Super training your intuition  and becoming a superconscious leader feels like having  a pendulum inside of you that guides you to all the best choices..from what park to go walking what you need to clear out of your life..or not.  And the best part is that you will feel amazing.  Really empowered.  No need to second guess yourself or to ask co-dependent questions possess all the answers.