Ana - Entrepreneur

“Before working with Erika I felt unfulfilled and anxious. I was making 50/60 k a year in a job where I felt uninspired. My relationships were not what I was longing for either. I used to wonder is this all there is to life?

After working with Erika I discovered a whole new meaning to life. I found my purpose and passion. I was able to heal childhood trauma and completely fall in love with myself. I reclaimed my inner strength, and left my job to pursue my dreams. I am now on the road to creating a 6 figure income doing something I love and which makes me feel free. My relationship to money and deservingness has completely changed.

I also manifested my soulmate! So many wonderful things. Being in Erika’s presence is electrifying and life changing. My life feels complete now and full of purpose and love, with a profound spirituality at its center.”