Jenna - Wellness Coach & Entrepreneur

“Before working with Erika I felt like I was on this uphill battle towards something that just made me content..but deep down I knew there was something missing.  I felt I had so much to offer this world, but I was allowing self doubt and societal pressure to guide my decisions.

During the program Erika helped me discover my souls’ mission and reclaim my divine gifts and power.  Through her process I was able to release fears and old beliefs that were holding me back as I came to understand and own my true purpose.

Prior to working with Erika my mindset around money was that of scarcity.  After working with her, I now see money as an abundant energy that can flow easily into my life and of which I am worthy.  This has really freed me up.  I am now on my way to creating a wellness and coaching empire that lights up my soul and allows me to create the life of impact and purpose I was destined for.

Erika is somewhere between genius, priestess, psychological guru and Goddess.  Likely all of the above.”