Amethyst Bath Ritual

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Bathing with a Crystal is a lovely experience, and also a very effective one for infusing oneself with energy from the Stone at hand, for meditation, and for manifestation.

Water is a very powerful conductor of energy and that is why holding a crystal while bathing is an excellent way to experience the potent benefits of a Gem.

Use this bath when you are in need of healing and purification, or while undergoing any kind of transformation in your life.  Amethyst is a stone of Alchemy which we can use while going through important changes.

Since Amethyst is also considered a Royal Stone,  I like to use it to remind myself that we are all Queens worthy of love and respect.  Amethyst is a stone of purification and spiritual protection,  and can also be used to help us overcome addictions and unhealthy patterns.

It is also used to purify all energy and to stimulate our crown and third eye chakra, which can  help us develop our intuitive abilities.  This is something which I really want to develop at the moment,  as I need to learn to listen to my inner voice because  I’m about to make important decisions in my life.

I like to start my Bath Ritual by running my Crystal across the water..infusing the bath with the healing energy of the Amethyst ( or the Crystal I happen to be working with that day).  I then submerge myself into the water, holding my crystal in my hand or placing it over an area in my body that needs healing.   That could be my thyroid or my heart for example.

Sometimes I will repeat an affirmation over and over..for example “ I am in the process of developing and growing my intuition”.

Adding flowers and herbs into our bath not only turns it into a beautiful artwork, but it can also enhance the energetic value of the crystals at work, turning it into a powerful and beautiful spiritual experience.  Decorating this with lovely flowers is a feast on so many levels for our eyes, for our sense of smell, and touch.  A  deeply nurturing and relaxing self care ritual.

Add some candles, essential oils, meditation music, and let yourself drift into a deeply healing and restorative ritual which you can use any day.