Herbal Beauty Tonic

Preparing Beauty Infusion

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Preparing and Drinking an Herbal Infusion is a tradition that was passed along from my mother and grandmother, two women who have taught me much about plants and natural remedies. It is a wonderful way to incorporate Tea Rituals into our lives, allowing us to relax and open our heart chakras so that we may take in this generous plant medicine.  It teaches us to give our gratitude and blessings back, thus deepening a love circle with nature, and all it bestows upon us.

The simple pleasure of drinking an herbal infusion in the morning, is a great way to develop a ritual of gratitude and enter a meditative state.  I like to sit with my infusion some days, with lovely music for contemplation, and take in a few deep breaths.  I think of the herbs I am thankful for, the morning dew, and the glorious sun peeking out as I imagine a beaming light inside my heart, shining bright as that feeling of gratitude grows all around me..inundating the room and opening my heart to all the blessings I have. When we appreciate little things..such as this quiet yet powerful plant tonic, it puts us into a high frequency  mode.  When we radiate gratitude and love, we become more beautiful and present, able to give and receive.  Able to take in how sublime a simple plant can be.

Taking the time to make this preparation is a time to stop..and take care of ourselves.  A time to make connections.  Plant connections.  It opens up a  world of healing that is both nurturing and delightful.  Filled with sweet aromas and delicious new flavors..nutritive flavors.

There are many herbs that can be used for beauty purposes..but I wanted to offer you something simple, which you can do all do in the comfort of your home.  Although I offer more complex herbal blends in some of the tonics I sell at my store, here I wanted to encourage you to partake in this ritual by yourself, which can feel very rewarding and will help you connect to plant magic.  By keeping it simple, we can enter a state of mindfulness and peace which is quite liberating.  Since most of us don’t have access to fresh herbs, the recipe here is made with Organic dried herbs which you can easily get from a company such as Mountain Rose Herbs.  In the future, I will be writing about growing a few basic herbs according to Moon Cycles, which is really lovely.  But for now, lets go into this easy peasy preparation.

Some of you might be wondering what the difference is between a tea and an infusion.  An infusion uses larger amounts of herbs and is steeped overnight..making it more therapeutic.  the recipe here is for an Infusion.  I’ve been drinking one cup of this every day and I started noticing the effects after one month on my skin and hair.


-One ounce of dried organic Nettles

-One ounce of dried organic Marshmallow Root

-Two 32 ounce Mason jars or larger

-a couple more mason jars, glass bottles, or glasses for storing (0r another larger Mason Jar)

-Spring Water or Distilled Water

-a strainer


Nettles happens to be one of my favorites..a true nourishing powerhouse, filled with Iron, calcium, selenium, zinc, and vitamins A, B, and C..it is excellent for iron deficiency and collagen production.  It is rejuvenating, and great for allergies..even for nail growth.  In addition, it reduces inflammation, and is a super antioxidant and detoxifier.  Also an adaptogen, it supports adrenals and balances our energy.  I am truly in awe of its medicinal and restorative properties.  Last, but not least, Nettles blocks the DHT hormone (DHT inhibits hair growth on scalp), thereby promoting new hair growth and preventing hair loss.  Since drinking Nettles on a regular basis, Ive noticed my hair is thicker, and the pores on my face look smaller as well.

The other ingredient I use is Marshmallow Root, which contains mucilage, known for its healing properties, which in turn cools, revitalizes, and moisturizes skin and tissue.  Marshmallow Root also has ceramide precursors, which are responsible for hydrating skin and making it nice and supple.

To prepare this Beauty Tonic,  place one ounce of Nettles into a mason Jar,  then fill up with 32 ounces of water.  You don’t have to be precise..this is just a guide.  The whole point is to relax and enjoy while you are doing this..not to stress out over measurements.   The water to be used is room temperature.   Put a lid on this jar, and place it outside or next to a window so it’s exposed to the Moon overnight, thus making “Moon Tea”, and bringing a more feminine and nurturing energy into this infusion.

Follow the same instructions with the Marshmallow Root: one ounce of Marshmallow Root to 32 ounces of room temperature water more or less.   Also let it sit outside, bathing under the Lunar Energy.  You can also place some Rose Quartz around and outside the jars as well, to further infuse them with an energy of love.  I like to say “May my heart be filled with Love and Gratitude”, as I lay these offerings under the Moon.  Wait until the next day to strain the herbs from the water infusions in the jars..mixing both of them equal parts into either a larger Mason Jar or some glass bottles or containers..whatever is easiest.  Store inside a refrigerator so it can last for 6 days.  You can drink hot or cold, or at room temperature..depending on how you are feeling that day.  If you choose to drink hot, just don’t boil it..simply heat it.

Remember to thank the Plants for the Nourishment they are providing before you go into your meditation and gratitude ritual.  Savor each drop..and enjoy.