Facial Reflexology and Allergies

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Facial Reflexology isn’t just about healing my body it is teaching me patience,  and is enhancing all my senses fine tuning my ability to observe and perceive.  A little over a week ago  I started my Second “round” of the Respiratory System to self heal from life long allergies that were exacerbated by any emotional distress I might be going through.  I had seen no results with my First round.  At least, none that I could perceive.  So I started becoming impatient, wondering what was going on especially since I had seen swift,  life changing results with my Reproductive System using DCZ Facial Reflexology.  I had also obtained wonderful results when working on my Digestive System not fast, slow but steady.  Not with my Respiratory.  I wasn’t  “seeing” or “feeling” any changes.  That is, until now.  I am 12 days into my Second cycle of the Respiratory System, and guess what?  No sneezing or runny nose, no itchy and watery eyes.  I feel great.  A lot of the inflammation has disappeared.

I don’t quite understand how for a whole month I “saw” no results.  Looking back, I think my body was undergoing changes, preparing, healing but I couldn’t “see” this.  It was an internal process that would produce its fruits in due time.   Just because our bodies appear to be quiet unchanging we don’t know what is really going on beneath the surface.  Sometimes, a simple shift in our energy, in the way we FEEL , can be a reflection of the transformations taking place inside of us.  Facial Reflexology is a unique process, like planting herbs.  Each growth is unique and will yield different blooms each special in its own way.

This Respiratory Cycle has taught me much about patience about paying attention.  Fine tuning my instrument, which is my body, its ability to sense to give and to receive.  A slow pace teaches us to listen to our bodies, to take note of each and every shade of colour, every nuance.  Sometimes our bodies speak to us with a loud voice calling our attention.  Other times its like a soft whisper.  I am learning to listen, without judgements, without expectations.  Letting go.  Trusting in the self healing process whether its fast, or slow.  Learning to be grateful.  To enjoy its pace.

Incorporating Facial Reflexology into my Self Care Ritual has allowed me to learn to be mindful of all the many ways our body uses to communicate to us.  Our body knows WHAT we need, WHEN we need it.  If only we become sensitive to it, its paces and rhythms.   Loving the process.  Everything is linked. Sometimes we will find healing in more than one place and not just in our PHYSICAL body.

But in order to get there,  we will need a level of patience and trust in the process.  Every cycle of Facial reflexology is unique.  Just like each of us.   The longer I practice Facial Reflexology on myself and others, the more committed I become the more I’m learning to let go and trust the journey respecting whatever its pace may be for this System or Cycle honoring my body’s wisdom to self heal.