Self Healing: Facial Reflexology

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I wanted to tell you about my personal story with DCZ Facial Reflexology, which began  a few months ago  when I discovered  and became a student of this amazing modality ( through @mirrormedicine. ) which I now offer.

One of the first  things I learned, is that it is much wiser to use one medicine at a time.. so that we may  know what is actually  working for us.  With that knowledge, I embarked on a self healing journey.  I stopped taking other remedies and supplements, and I let Reflexology work it’s magic.  I have always used herbs to help me heal.. that is how I obtained a clear complexion and healthy skin, balancing  my moods and sleep cycles, and healing my adrenal fatigue.

I use herbs and essential oils to make everything from my own skin salves and soaps,  to medicinal tonics and infusions.  I live a clean lifestyle free of harmful ingredients and filled with plant magic instead.  I have seen my mother heal wounds that were bordering on amputations with herbal remedies. They are powerful.  And that is what Botanical Rituals is about.

However, I still had some health issues that weren’t resolving with what  I was doing.  Not everyone is going to heal the same way or through the same methods, or by using the same medicinal plants for example.  We are all different,  and while we may get great results for some ailments with some natural remedies, we might not obtain the same results with others.  That is why  its important to keep an open mind and be willing to explore other options.  I was facing painful periods, carpal tunnel syndrome, urinary issues, and digestive problems that hadn’t been cleared.

I had also turned to conventional medicine when I got more desperate, but nothing had worked. I was seriously contemplating surgery for my Carpal Tunnel because I was starting to drop things due to piercing pain and numbness. So.. I decided to give Facial Reflexology a try.  The thought of healing through my hands,  and having my own  personal medicine within myself sounded so appealing to me. But, I honestly thought this modality was more for beauty purposes. I didn’t know what a powerful medicine it was.

I can now gratefully say that with the help of Facial Reflexology I was able to heal all of the issues named above (with the exception of the digestive system, which I am still working on,  and which I will update you about shortly) within TWO months! I actually started to see results within a few DAYS.

Facial Reflexology has not only helped me on a physical level, but also emotionally and with my creativity. After feeling “stuck” for so many years I suddenly was able to bring forth my ideas to life and find my connection to my heart and purpose. For me, that’s the most beautiful and meaningful part of what Facial Reflexology has done in my life.

I am eternally grateful and mesmerized every day as I see my body heal and my life transform. Now I look at these “problems” as gifts.. because they opened up a door for me and gave me the opportunity to learn so much more about myself.

One of my close relatives who has been receiving weekly sessions with me, was also able to heal hot flashes she was starting to experience.  All without the use of bio identical hormones or pills.. pretty amazing.   She saw results within DAYS as well. She was very skeptical at first but I’m glad she was consistent.   She did her 21 day massage at home and followed through with a level of commitment necessary in any self healing path.

Facial Reflexology is a magical journey, and a foundation upon which we can build our own health in a very empowering and independent way.

I invite all of you out there to find a licensed DCZ Facial Reflexologist near you,  and see what it can do for you.   It was one of the most rewarding decisions I made in my life.