Rise from the ashes, crashes and chaos and return to your natural state of power, purpose and passion.  Reclaim your true feminine power and essence-your inner Queen that can create and magnetize with ease.

About Erika

Hello gorgeous!
I am Erika. If you are ready to reclaim your sacred power & divine purpose so you can manifest the life your soul is longing for..then you're in the right place!
I know what its like to lose everything and hit rock bottom. It happened to me. As I set myself free from everything that was keeping me shackled to self sabotage and fear I was able to come back to my true self. I found a way to transmute my pain into purpose.
As a transformational alchemist, healer, and self made entrepeneur I now guide women who are ready to rise on a journey to authenticity, soul connection, and sacred abundance. This is what inspires me and sets my soul on fire!
If you are longing to heal the relationship to yourself and to money as you become the sovereign Queen of your life..then this sacred immersion is for you.
The Queen inside me bows to the Queen inside you. It would be my honor and privilege to guide you on this journey.