Crystal Healing & Crystal Grid

Botanical Rituals Services

During this session, your chakras will be aligned through the use of Crystals and any blockages will be released. Many blockages can manifest emotionally, spiritually, or physically. We can use this time to assist us in healing a variety of issues and become re-energized and open to receive.

Crystal Grids are one of the most powerful tools we have for fast and effective manifestations.  They can be used for anything… from building a Grid for Self Love, World Peace, Abundance, to Romance.

The possibilities to get creative are endless. In this session, I will custom build you a personalized Crystal Grid using sacred geometry, the language we use to communicate and tap into Source Energy.

The geometric design we choose will be based on your needs. Before we start the session, I will offer you a free consultation where we will discuss your particular needs and the specific stones we will use to build your Grid.

During the actual session, I will make the Grid for you, show you how to cleanse and activate it, and how to drive energy into it. You then get to take it home with you. It will be a beautiful work of art that you can display at your home or work, as well as your powerful manifestation tool.

Materials used, such as Crystals, are charged separately and will vary from person to person, based on budget and taste.