Transformative Coaching (single session)

During this hour-long session, we will custom tailor this time to fit your individual needs.

Maybe you need help in finding what is blocking your progress and making you spin around in circles… always stuck.   Or in finding what you can do right now to accelerate your manifestation practice with precision.  The goal of this session is to give you the tools you need most at this time in your life.  Every session is different, and I will use my intuition to guide me as I help you define and transform your Obstacle into Opportunity.

Each session is a  journey to authenticity.   A remembering of your Sacred Desires.  Honoring those desires, with no guilt or shame.  You will be using heart coherence during our time together.  The heart is the center of your intuition and your portal for accessing your divine nature.  This is one of the ways we create our reality.

We will cover a lot of ground in this single session which will be conducted via Zoom.  Make sure you will be somewhere quiet and undisturbed.