The Comeback Queen Activation

I see you, Queen…

Whatever your rock bottom was for are now ready to rise from the ashes and become a SUPER MANIFESTOR as you resurrect and return to your sacred power and divine purpose.

The Comeback Queen Activation is your sacred initiation to reclaim yourself, and transmute your pain into power goddess as you reinvent yourself and your life.

In this 4 month journey you will master the art of activating sacred contracts so you can call in your soul clients, lovers, and opportunities!  Ditch the fear and shame you’ve collected through “failures and defeats” and return to your divine purpose & your soul’s birthright and claim juicy abundance.


-Heal patterns of self sabotage once and for all and find the freedom you have been craving for.

-Get laser lucid clarity about your divine purpose & destiny so you can have wake up inspired doing what you love–making moolah doing it!

-Become a super manifestor as you learn to program reality & design a life you adore, with the divine at its center.

-Get rid of your money blocks so you can rise to riches & awaken your inner Queen of Gold!

-Start a dream project with unstoppable vision and turn it into an empire brand like a spiritual boss Queen

-Stop downplaying your brilliance and settling for crumbs, as your self worth rises & becomes a source of deep magnetism.

-Learn how to work with the ancient energy of crystals for empowerment, financial abundance,  love and wellness.

-Become super intuitive so you can make the most aligned choices and rewarding decisions.

It’s time to unleash and embody your inner COMEBACK Queen!