Intuitive Comeback: Transformational Coaching Program

During the two months of 1:1 Coaching Program,  I will teach you how to transform your biggest Obstacles into Opportunities,  and in the process make your biggest comeback.  Coming back to your Power.  Coming back to your Intuitive Abundance.  Coming back to your true authentic self.

I will help you remember your Soul Purpose,  and reclaim your value and worth.   You will learn how to access your intuitive powers, and how to communicate with the Universe effectively.  You will be learning different modalities, such as communicating through your energy centers,  tapping, meditations,  using sacred too, and much more that will help you unblock what is standing in your way so that you can create a more abundant and prosperous life. Honoring your Sacred Desires with no apologies or shame.  Healing your relationship to the energy of money.

Since I am a highly creative person, I also teach you how to activate your creativity and genius and infuse that element into everything you do.

I will also teach you how to work with crystals effectively, while you create a meaningful and intentional life that is aligned with your Highest Values.

In this program, you will learn how to love and embrace your personal life story.  Your story is what makes you special. You are a Creator.  You can consciously create the masterpiece of your life while you develop your Intuitive Abundance.

All meetings are held through Zoom on a weekly basis.