About Botanical Rituals

Throughout the centuries different cultures have turned to botanical rituals and crystals for healing,  self care, and beauty. Whether using rituals and sacred tools to connect to your spirituality, for manifesting, or wellness,  we invite you to connect to Earths bounty of healing crystals, talismans, and plants, embarking on a journey filled with whimsical enchantment.

Our vision is to bring you into a state of mindfulness by using crystal alchemy, jewelry, plant potions, and intuitive guidance. All of our Intentional offerings are here to support you on your comeback journey to self, spirit, and empowerment..guided always by the heart.  Each of our sacred pieces is created with different intentions and blessed in flower rituals.  They are meant to be used as enhancement tools for your cocreative/manifestation process.

When it comes to our self care products, we believe that they should be nurturing and healing, and that is why all the products we carry are pure, plant based, and nontoxic; free of harmful ingredients, and formulated with potent herbs and flowers, prepared in small batches with much love and attention.

We believe that manifesting  and creating a life of your dreams is a holistic process which encompasses your body, mind, heart, and soul.